Specimen of Wear WeAlgo Gift Coupons —instantly received by email upon purchase—. Gift a friend her personal, biometric selfie on a Stanley/Stella wearable ... makes such a great 🎅 present.
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🎁 Gift Wear WeAlgo

We are happy to bring: Gift Wear WeAlgo. Our agent to gift your beloved a Custom Biometric Selfie on a winter warm, cozy soft wearable ... because having is King, but giving ... giving is Queen right?!

And here's your chance to do just that.

Purchase a Gift Coupon now, receive it directly by email and be ready for the gifting holiday season.
Specimen of Wear WeAlgo Gift Coupons —instantly received by email upon purchase—. Gift a friend her personal, biometric selfie on a Stanley/Stella wearable ... makes such a great 🎅 present.
Gift Wear WeAlgo

🌱 Organic Wearables

All products are fair-wear, 100% organic cotton from the Stanley/Stella catalogue. We provide a handsome collection of colors, materials (flat & heathered) and sizes. This Belgian manufacturer is front runner in sustainable enterprising and each product comes with a Fair Wear / Oeko tex certificate.
Fully Printed Product Prices
Hoodie Cruiser€80,=
Sweatshirt Changer€75,=
Tshirt Rocker€35,=
Tote Bag€20,=
* Prices inclusive of 21% Dutch VAT
Shipping Costs
The Netherlands€6.75

🦚 Show us your Wear

Ok, so you ordered your product and received the package. We hope everything is to your liking. If it is, and you want to tell us and others about it, drop your Wear picture down here and we'll show it to the rest of the world in the gallery above. Your contribution is greatly welcomed!

* We review all uploads before publication.
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* In The Netherlands your order should arrive within 6-10days. All international orders will take 2-3 weeks, depending on your location.
* Because each product is unique and personalised, you can not return your item. Each sale is final.
* If an item arrives damaged or a manufacturing error occurs within 3 months from the sale, it will be replaced with a new one, same product, same size.
* We strive to keep up to date with available product/colors & sizes combinations ... this is not always in our hands. If for some reason your product is not available, we will contact you via your invoice email address to discuss alternative options. You may
* You must be 16years or older to order Wear WeAlgo.
* We except IDEAL payments, processed by Mollie.

* All prices are inclusive of 21% Dutch VAT. Excl Shipping.
* Shipping costs: NL: €6,75 - EU: €9,30 - EU+: €12,00 - WORLD: €23,00

* Payments are made available to: SFG Kolman, Sinds 1967, Feike de Boerlaan 93, 1019KV Amsterdam, The Netherlands, hello@wealgo.org, NL86RABO 0315 8801 71, BIC: RABONL2U, VAT: NL001660213B36, Chamber of Commerce: 62061186. Contact: +31(0)611335915

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