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Wealgo leverages Face Recognition AI & Group Video Meetings to create fluid, hybrid spaces and to encourage transcient identities. We merge human and non-human visual language to play not to profile. We believe machine is as man teaches it. We strive for an open, fair and just playground for all born and unborn.

Rooms are central to Wealgo. You navigate —weightlessly— between them by pointing your nose. To get you started, we have already created some Rooms to experiement. Have a look below to get an idea or try one out yourself.

Follow your nose, they say in The Netherlands ... chances are they're right.

Your full control tool box for creating an ultimate appearance.

Ecoutez FIP, algorithmic brilliance for the many, inspirational, aspirational.

Wealgo's public room. What ever you do, be polite, make friends and have fun.

It's not always clear who's talking. This room lights you up when you speak.

If you want to save your voice use this chat room.

Speech to Text & Speech Synthetics. Use with headphones.

Voice modulation for the ultimate witness protection programme.

Simply adorne or present visuals to others in your room.

Create a Private Room, for you to keep secret.

Martine will present her ongoing research Art for Machines & Wealgo at the following presentations. She'll be happy to meet you there, to take questions and discuss collaboration opportunities.

Scheduled Presentations & Meetups

Science Gallery Detroit / TRACKED & TRACED

10 September 2021 — Saturday, 11 December 2021

  |   Science Gallery, Detroit, US

Waag, Technology & Society / De Staat Van Het Internet 2021: Inclusieve AI.

29 January 2021

  |   online, Amsterdam, Netherlands

IMPAKT New Years Bal Masqué

28 January 2021

  |   online, Utrecht, Netherlands

14 International CPDP Conference

27 January 2021 — Friday, 29 January 2021

  |   online, Brussels, Belgium

Artist in Residency, Institute for Provocation

1 January 2021 — Saturday, 31 July 2021

  |   Institute for Provocation, Beijing, China

5th EDEN Event on Data Protection in Law Enforcement.

17 December 2020 — Monday, 25 January 2021

  |   online, Brussels, Belgium

ISEA2020 / International Symposium for Electronic Art

13 October 2020 — Sunday, 18 October 2020

  |   online, Montreal, Canada

SPA2020 / Somfy Awards

2 October 2020 — Friday, 23 October 2020

  |   Nederlands Foto Museum, Rotterdam, Netherlands

Here's a compilation of questions we get asked often. If you need to know something else ... just email us.

Frequently asked questions

What is WeAlgo?
WeAlgo lets you join group video calls with a customised biometric avatar. We saveguard your privacy by making explicit what routine video calls implicitely provide.
What's a biometric avatar?
A representation of yourself, created with face recognition software.
Why WeAlgo?
To enhance privacy, to play with identity, to cut pollution but above all to experiment & play.
How does it work?
WeAlgo computes your biometric avatar, lets you customise it and distributes it (with your audio) to a Meeting Room with other users.
How do you cut pollution?
By streaming keypoints data only —instead of compressed video— we save 95% bandwidth costs and related pollution.
Is it Private?
Rooms are public with the exception of your self created private room.
Is it secure?
We use WebRTC technology for P2P, end to end encrypted communication.
Is Wealgo biased?
Probably yes, and we realize that we are in a position to think & feel that way, where many are not. It is our ultimate mission to make Wealgo inclusive to all human and non-human agents. If you find us exclusive in any way, shape or form, please email us so we can help you and you can help us.
Does WeAlgo really recognise me?
It probably doesn't ;) We are still finding out.
Do I need to register?
No you don't. You can use WeAlgo without registration, and without a screen name. You can be totally anonimous.
How do I participate in a Room?
Rooms are urls. Type the name of the room in the input field to go there. Or receive a link URL to take you there straight away.
Do you collect or store my data?
No we don't. No cookies, no trackers, no registration, no identification, no advertising ... We do store data —eg your custom Mask— in local storage on your own machine.
What's your business model, how do you make money of WeAlgo?
We don't ;) We have partime jobs and are kindly supported by a number of co-financers, mostly artistic/creative funds.
How can I help?
1. Use it and tell us want you think
2. Propose a project
3. Donate
4. Evangelise