Welcome to Wealgo, a New Playground for Custom Biometric Avatars.

Wealgo needs camera & microphone access. Here's why ...
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Custom Biometrics Playground

Wealgo blends face recognition software with video-meetup spaces. It’s an online gathering of customized biometric avatars driven by face recognition algorithms ... a carnivalesque public playground, where Alter Algos meet.

Wealgo enables you to customise your biometric self and meet other Alter Algo’s. Anonymous yet creating embodied experiences, it invites to playfully operate in the shadow or empowers to reinvent identity. Between face and mask, the biometric self merges former dichotomies and consolidates occupant and cloak, alter and ego, creating real experiences in a magical world.
Screen video promo showing Wealgo Fitting Room / Mask Editor & Meeting Room experience. Play with sound ;)

we'll help you explain the basic concepts

Basic Concepts Explained

We believe Wealgo is a novel space that may require some explanation to use. Our Help Section hopes to make you comfortable with basic concepts such as our: Fitting Room, Meeting Room & Lobby. It will also tell you more about the Mask Editor and features to invite friends to Wealgo.

Ready to taste your appetite?

Embrace Your Algorithmic Self

Wealgo is all about experiment. To learn, discover, explore ... the thrills, the horrors, the blind spots. We don't really know where this is going, other than a joy and excitement and an endless stream of ideas, use cases and applications; the experiment itself has no real practical direction.

Have you enjoyed the Playground? Does it clash with your ideals? Would you allow your kids to play? Do you trust it? Can it help to serve any of your needs?

Our Get Involved section hopes to capture some of your feedback. Any input is much appreciated.

how we came to create wealgo

Why Wealgo

Martine had been researching and working with face algorithms for her project 'Art for Machines' when we were invited to a party ... Then came Corona and the party happened in Zoom. We decided to go as Stick Woman en Stick Man. We danced our shoes off that night and had a strange uncanny happy experience of being some other self.

The next morning we woke up and knew we needed to extend our experience to others. To make this public Playground were Alter Algos Meet.