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Your Rights
1. We store a session cookie for CSRF protection of our forms.
2. No third party cookies or trackers are stored.
3. If you subscribe to News or Order a Merch / Coupon Product, your email, time/date & consent settings are stored.
4. If you Comment, your name, email, comment & consent settings are stored.
5. Your email or any other personal information will not be made public, distributed, shared with or sold to third parties, only if forced by law.
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Your responsibilities
1. You are at least 12 years old.
2. You must not harass others.
3. You must not abuse the service in ways that could harm or deny service to others.
4. You must not submit any content that is illegal.
5. Please do not submit truly sensitive data.
6. If you notice any data integrity, privacy or security bugs, please report then directly. (

Our Rights
1. We may store (IP based) server site logs (Webalizer) of requests received and responses sent.
2. If you signed up for News, we may use your email address for solicited mail.
3. Our service runs from & data is stored on servers hosted in The Netherlands (EU).
4. We may update these terms at any time.

1. Use of this service is at your own risk.