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As said, Wealgo is quite a novel space we think. Not every where you get to choose your presence before going into a screen meeting. Not always can you relax about your surroundings when sharing the privacy of your home. Actually no where do you get to break out of the video grid and feel nearness to other people in the Room.

Below is a section that hopes to introduce some of our concepts. Short videos aim to get you started and help you enjoy the Playgrounds.

Wealgo needs camera & microphone access

Allow Camera & Microphone Access

Like any other video chat service, Wealgo needs access to your camera & microphone to operate. We use your camera video stream to compute your facial landmarks and to render your Mask. You will need your microphone to speak to others in a Room.

However, unlike other video chat services, Wealgo does not distribute your camera video stream through the network ... only your Mask datapoints. What you See is what you Send.
Access to camera & microphone required.

conditions that may prevent face detection

Ready - Set - Go! ... or Sometimes Not :(

A cycle of processes run during Wealgo initialization. Face detection - the recognition of your 68 face landmarks - is subject to a number of conditions. It's possible that we can't detect your face - and can't bring you to the Fitting Room - if for example:

* Your face is covered
* You're wearing glasses
* You're wearing a mouth mask
* Light conditions are bad

Try to improve these conditions to make face detection possible. (You can put your glasses back on as soon as you have been detected.)

TIP: Try Night Mode to allow your device to shine more light on your face.
Initialisation sequence, remember to allow for enough light & keep your face uncovered

The brows of men by the despairing light

Night Mode to Shine a Light

How many times are you using Wealgo at night, in the dark? You may find that the light situation isn't optimal for face recognition.

Your device's screen light may assist to overcome this situation; that's why we created Night Mode. In this setting the interface uses near-white as dominant color. The reflection of which may solve your dire needs.
The Night Mode Switch can be found in the Menu.

TIP: Which ever screen mode you choose, regular or Night Mode, keep in mind that the white or black backdrop is your display choice, not per definition how others see you.
Illustration of Night Mode and Default mode. Night mode may provide enough light from your device to assist face detection.


Mask Editor

Mask editor gives you full control of the visual aesthetics of your presence. It allows you to select face regions and to color them to your liking. A Mask consists of elements: Dots, Lines & Fills, each of which you can select and color individually.

Mask selection
First, select what part of the Mask you wish to customize. Click the Mask icon to select the entire Mask, or point and click anywhere on the Mask to select a specific region.

TIP: Use shift / click to select multiple regions of your Mask.
Use the Mask icon to select entire Mask

Editor Tools
Secondly, pick the element in your selection you wish to customize. The Dots icon for coloring Dots, the Lines icon for coloring the lines and the Fills icon for coloring the Fills.

Use the Fills icon to color selected Fills

Use the Lines icon to color selected Lines

Use the Dots icon to color selected Dots

Choose a Color
Last, select the color from the color bar to color the region element.
You can also set color to transparent.
Pick a color for your selection

Choose a Room
When you’re happy with your Alter Algo, you’re ready to enter the next step: The Meeting Room. Type the name of the room you want to join and hit GO.
Enter the name of the Room you want to join
Screen video of Mask Editor features in Fitting Room for Mask customisation.

There's a room for that

Fitting Room Vs Meeting Room

Rooms are at the heart of Wealgo. They create the playgrounds for you to explore. Basically there are two types of rooms: a room for you alone to prepare your Mask aka the Fitting Room and rooms where you meet other Alter Algos aka the Meeting Room.

The Fitting Room
At startup, after initialization and face detection is successful, you start in the Fitting Room. This is where you do your Mask editing.

The Meeting Room
Type the name of the Room where you want to meet in the input field below, hit Go to enter that Room.

The Lobby
The Lobby is a special kind of Meeting Room. If you don't enter a Meeting Room via the input box, you will be taken to the Lobby. Sound is always mute in the Lobby?
Screen shots of Fitting Room (left) and Meeting Room (right)

Where Alter Algos Meet

The Meeting Room

Meeting Rooms are public URLs … so anyone with the URL has access to this Room. Ideal for inviting friends to Wealgo, yet also something to consider. If you want to minimize changes of ‘strangers’ in your Room, don’t pick ‘test’ as Room name; but something more elaborate like: ComeAndDanceWithMe ;)

Mask Editor Tools
Once you’re in the Room, you still have access to your Mask Editor Tools. When you pull this up, you can continue changing your Alter Algo, whilst talking with your friends.

Mute Microphone
Hit the Mute Microphone icon to disable your microphone.
Use Mute microphone to mute your sound

Leave Room
Hit the Leave Room icon to exit the active Meeting Room. You will be returned back to your Fitting Room.
Use Mute microphone to mute your sound
Screen video of Meeting Room / Lobby between two people.

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