Frequently asked questions

Here's a compilation of questions we get asked often. If you need to know something else ... just email us.
What is WeAlgo?
WeAlgo lets you join group 'video' conferences with a customised biometric avatar.
What's a biometric avatar?
A representation of yourself, created with face recognition software.
Why WeAlgo?
To enhance privacy, to cut pollution but above all to experiment & play.
How does it work?
WeAlgo computes your biometric avatar, lets you customise it and distributes it (with your audio) to a Meeting Room with other users.
How do you cut pollution?
Wealgos' bandwidth pollution is only 4.5% of a regular (Zoom, Teams, etc) video conference call.
Does WeAlgo really recognise me?
It probably doesn't ;) We are still finding out.
Do I need to register?
No you don't. You can use WeAlgo without registration, and even without a screen name. You can be totally anonimous.
How do I participate in a Room?
Rooms are urls. Type the name of the room in the input field to go there. Or receive a link URL to take you there straight away.
Is it secure?
Communication is end-to-end encrypted. But be carefull what you share with who.
Do you collect or store my data?
No we don't. No cookies, no trackers, no registration, no identification, no advertising ...
What's your business model, how do you make money of Wealgo?
We don't ;) We have partime jobs and are kindly supported by a number of co-financers, mostly artistic/creative funds.
How can I help?
1. Use it and tell us want you think
2. Propose a project
3. Donate
4. Evangelise