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  • ola lanko 5 months ago 0

    love the project. interesting and so much potential i think. to trigger thinking processes. nice

  • Lisa 6 months ago 0

    A little bit scary at first ... Then an oasis of freedom came over me. Can I actually go private room? Mute works, but when I'm with friends they need to mute me?

  • anonymous 7 months ago 0

    Also I participated in weAlgo around 5pm two weeks ago and it was just me and another mask, but it was great fun, I really enjoyed my experience with it, and I it remembered my customisation of the mask when I came back on it at 5:40. Really nice! I liked I was able to keep my anonymity.

  • Ludmila Steckelberg 7 months ago 1

    I was just trying your platform, and is just amazing... so mesmerising! I'm in love with it.

  • 801state 7 months ago 1

    More of this please ????

  • Jenny 7 months ago 1

    Came across this through friends of friends ... Weird! Took me time to navigate but ended quite nicely with new? friends. Will he back keep it up!

  • jp magis 8 months ago 1

    Hey Weallgo team
    Super cool visuals, ik mis een beetje de audio.
    Misschien zat ik een meeting met allemaal visueel ingestelde mensen die helemaal stil vielen.
    Misschien handig om een topic als tekst ballon in te kunnen typen? waar mensen op reageren, geluid is best moeilijk hoorbaar/ verstaan baar. tip headphone. Graag iets van audio spul, bekken, trom en gitaartje, om af op te spelen?

    • stef 8 months ago 1

      bedankt JP, ja geluid was wel een dingetje. hier nog gekker omdat we met zijn vieren in een room / room zaten en overal sound was. we gaan het fixen. bedankt dat je er was!

  • admin 8 months ago 1

    man wat lekker

  • martine 8 months ago 2

    ik vind het helemaal te gek!|

  • admin 8 months ago 0

    ok, here i am

    • admin 8 months ago 0

      o reary? are you!